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We will give you a set price wherever possible.
Where an estimate/quote has been given to you (via email/text), this is the price you will pay regardless of if the job takes more or less time than expected. This price will only change if unforeseen issues arise whereby additional work or parts are required.This is standard practice.

For investigative work or work that cannot be quoted for in advance, we will charge by the hour:

Minimum 1 hour charge (up to the first 60 minutes)

           Hourly rate depends on location (list below)                                                                              
Ulez, parking and congestion will be added
rates listed below are exclusive of VAT

Our rates include travelling to collect materials for your job if we do not stock it on our vans. Our rates incorporate our overheads, fuel and drive time and therefore are subject to change as necessary. 

Our rates are extremely competitive and fair and where possible, you will be given an estimate of time and costs prior to the visit. 

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