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We offer a full range of plumbing services to domestic customers as well as estate agents and property management companies. No job is too small so don't hesitate to call us if you need a plumber in Sutton, a plumber in Wimbledon, or a plumber in South London and North Surrey in general! 

Our plumbing services include, but are not limited to:

Repairs, diagnostics, installations, replacements

Investigative services 

leak assessment, diagnosis and resolution

internal blockage clearance & rectification


​water hammer & noisy pipework 


unpleasant smells


and more...

Call out hour (minimum) and then 1/2 hourly charge thereafter

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Further works (if required) will be explained to you and costs estimated with a view to book in a return visit to complete should you choose to proceed with it

Plumbing Inspection Reports

When purchasing a new property, book in Plumbminto's to carry out a full inspection of all visible plumbed in features (showers, taps, toilets, tanks, etc) after which you will receive a condition report with repair/replace estimates where appropriate. 

This can be combined with our Central Heating Inspection Report for a comprehensive overview prior to completion of sale.

taps (kitchen, bathroom, outdoor)
basins and kitchen sinks
toilets / urinals / bidets
shower pumps
​hot water cylinders

cold water storage tanks
water softeners
reconfiguration of pipework
sealant / silicone

cold water mains upgrade (external & internal)
and more...

More often than not we are able to give you an estimate of costs prior to our arrival so you know what to expect.

We do charge for investigative and diagnostic work and will try to repair on the spot within the time booked. 

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We also offer a service whereby you can send us photos and videos to us to try and assess as best as reasonably possible to help save you the cost of a call-out fee without a same-day repair.

We can bring along replacement parts for you where feasible, and will generally give you a few options to choose from.

We are equally happy for you to supply your own parts for us to fit.  


If further work is required after our initial visit, or if a part needs to be ordered, we will give you an estimate and book in a return visit. ​


"Highly recommended. The work was done quickly and efficiently. Charlie and Billie were very friendly and cleaned up afterwards."



"Plumbminto's are fantastic. Thorough investigation of the source of the problem and quality work to solve it. All done with a smile! I will definitely call Plumbminto's if I have a plumbing issue and recommend that others do the same"


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